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Capturing Moments, Shaping Visions: Meet Dheeraj Kohli

Dheeraj Kohli, a visionary leader with a remarkable IT background, has mastered the art of transforming organizations through strategic technology endeavors during his 20-year career. Beyond his professional excellence, Dheeraj is an avid photographer and videographer, skillfully breathing life into captivating moments through his lens.

“Every Picture Tells a Story” encapsulates his belief in the potent impact of visual storytelling, skillfully weaving narratives that unravel the essence of his subjects. Fearlessly exploring innovative angles, unconventional subjects, and cutting-edge technology, Dheeraj pioneers new horizons in photography, inspiring others in the industry to reimagine artistic expression.

His artistry extends beyond boundaries, unlocking new dimensions in every frame.

At Picturizze, we have mastered the art of capturing the magic in every event, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. With a keen eye for detail and a heart full of passion, we bring your stories to life through the lens of our camera.

Our small-paced work may be modest in size, but it packs a punch of creativity and love that resonates with each and every client we serve. From heartfelt weddings to lively celebrations and enchanting portraits, we craft visual tales that touch the soul and warm the heart.

we believe that every picture tells a unique story, and we take pride in our ability to freeze time, preserving emotions and laughter for generations to come. Join us on this incredible journey of discovery, where we blend artistry with candid moments, sprinkling a touch of magic to enhance your cherished memories.